GAF Mission

"to TEACH inner city youth and/or underprivileged persons to be successful entrepreneurs while revitalizing inner city neighborhoods with a concentration on socially responsible/sustainable business practices"

GAF is the
Western Mass Office for

Hamden Co. House of Correction

Hampden County House of Correction

A program located in a community setting that enrolls carefully selected inmates who have nearly completed their sentences

Gasoline Alley since 1999

We have anywhere from five to eight prisoners working either here or at a Habitat for Humanity building everyday. These prisoners are on their way out of the ‘big house’ and are being integrated back into society.

Our efforts are to create some ‘prison industries’ inside the jail while helping the prisoners learn the skills to start their own businesses. Many of them have the rudimentary concepts of business. The street is filled with entrepreneurial activities.excepting that most of those activities may be illegal.teaching business with a socially responsible focus to prisoners is difficult.probably our most challenging exercise.especially when they are integrated with the other activities here.