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"to TEACH inner city youth and/or underprivileged persons to be successful entrepreneurs while revitalizing inner city neighborhoods with a concentration on socially responsible/sustainable business practices"

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Gasoline Alley since


Reverend Lance is a local minister whose other full time job is washing and detailing cars. Sir Lance came here one day with our Executive Director Tony Taylor and said he wanted to apply for the ‘Community Training Program’ sponsored by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. The program was designed to help ‘start up’ companies develop a business plan to get their operation off the ground.

Lance applied. We helped him put his plan together. He received the grant.

One of the best stories to come out of this exercise is how Lancer obtained his first client. We looked at his business and decided that following our internal requirement to put together a personal budget and financial statement, we needed a marketing plan.

His was easy. We encouraged him to get a map of his area, identify where all the concentrations of cars were and we would help him create a plan to introduce his company to each constituency. We found a large insurance company (Mass Mutual) a number of used car dealers, on car rental place and one new car dealership.

We decided to put a plan together for the new car dealership. I called the car dealership, from the conference phone at Meadowbrook Lane, on behalf of Ambassador Car Wash and introduced Lance as a new business in the neighborhood. We offered to pick up one, two, or three cars, wash and detail them for free to show him the service. To our surprise, the manager was excited. It seems that his previous car detailer was going out of business and he needed another. We said we’d be right over…

It is Lance’s biggest and most consistent customer.