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The Ever-Changing Landscape

Posted on by John Grossman

If you’ve driven down Armory Street in recent weeks, you’ll notice that much about our landscape has changed. The chain link fence surrounding our property has been removed and replaced, with a lot of the brush cleaned up in the process. Our construction site is now very visible from the sidewalk and while driving by! Our parking lot is being slowly transformed with landscaping. The hill that connects the sidewalk to our parking lot will soon have lush green grass that has been planted through a process called hydroseeding, which grows grass quickly and is ideal for sloped areas. We kept an original rock retainer wall and will add a great variety of plants including Sweetfern, Red Twig Dogwood, Witchhazel and Northern Bayberry. Each of these plants requires minimal watering (per LEED requirements) and low maintenance, but will add a nice splash of many different colors including green, yellow and red.

landscaping4 300x225 The Ever Changing Landscape

This area that has been hydroseeded will soon be lush, green grass.

landscaping2 300x225 The Ever Changing Landscape

The retainer wall with the first plants in place.

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