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Gearing up for the Grand Opening

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Ecobuilding Bargains Blog Gearing up for the Grand OpeningGreetings EcoBuilding Bargains friends!

In anticipation of the store’s Grand Opening Celebration, we thought we’d share some of the design decisions behind what you’ll see when you come for your visit.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve read about some of the energy efficiency upgrades, including high performance insulation, heating and lighting, that will make this a national model for what you can do with an older, inefficient building.

SITELAB Architecture + Design has been working with the EcoBuilding Bargains team for the past fifteen months to make sure that your experience of the store is consistent with the non-profit’s innovative goals: to reuse valuable building materials, to make home improvement more affordable, and to create local jobs and provide job training.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be guest blogging to tell you the story of the building expansion.  I hope to meet you at the Grand Opening!

Caryn Brause, Principal   SITELAB Architecture + Design

restore exterior 1 Gearing up for the Grand Opening

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