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Insulating Interior Walls

Within the past few weeks, the interior walls of our garage bay have been completed insulated and covered with sheetrock. The process used was an interesting one, and will help ensure that our building stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. First, dense pack insulation with an R-value of 21 was blown into the wall cavity. Cellulose insulation is considered a “green” product, typically 80% post-consumer recycled newspaper by weight. After the cellulose insulation was blown into the stud cavities,  1″ Tuff-R insulation panels were applied to the inside face of the wall over the studs and cellulose. The Tuff-R has a Polyisocyanurate foam core with reflective/radiant barrier-quality aluminum foil facers on both sides. The foil facing acts as a radiant barrier to reflect heat energy back into the building and also serves as an air barrier in the wall system. Gypsum wall board was installed over the Tuff-R and on the exterior or Loading Dockside. This brings our R-value up to 27 for these thermal barrier walls.

R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. The bigger the number, the better the building insulation’s effectiveness.

The Tuff-R insulation panels (interior of garage bay)

Another shot of the interior wall facing the sales floor.

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