GAF Mission

"to TEACH inner city youth and/or underprivileged persons to be successful entrepreneurs while revitalizing inner city neighborhoods with a concentration on socially responsible/sustainable business practices"

GAF is the
Western Mass Office for

Masonry Excitement! Closing Old Openings

There are a few openings that we need to close up for how we are going to be using the the building.

First up are the old doors into the parking lot. They are too small for our retail needs and sort of in the wrong spot, so close ‘em up!

Next are all of the roll up doors on Warwick Street. We don’t need all of those doors, they don’t work anymore and we need a clean surface to attach our insulated metal panels (much more on that later). Close ‘em up!

Inside we wanted to maximize racking and change the flow a little around this opening so we made it smaller.

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