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"to TEACH inner city youth and/or underprivileged persons to be successful entrepreneurs while revitalizing inner city neighborhoods with a concentration on socially responsible/sustainable business practices"

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A day in the life. Compost and dumpsters

There is no such thing as a normal day for New Growth. Of course we consistently weed, seed, harvest, water, etc. But we also rummage around dumpsters for cardboard (used for kill mulching), pallets for budget container gardens, and any kind of material that could be used for an artistic project around the garden (billboard, mural, crop labels, mini greenhouse, etc). No day, however, is better than compost delivery day.  How I love the feeling of getting three big dump trucks worth of compost!  It smells so rich, feels so fluffy and helps grow delicious and healthy food.  In fact, I was so enamored by yesterday’s compost delivery that when I got home I spent almost an hour just watching the footage of the delivery on repeat. A borderline obsessive fascination with compost? Perhaps. But at least I know my interest in urban farming and gardening is authentic!

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