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Comment on Landscaping Day Two by Suresh

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More amazing machinery and talented operators on the job today. They are recovering some awesome locust trees that will be milled into lumber for our new parapet. Check out the slide show to see the changes around the building (as in: now you can see the building) and how it is being accomplished. Now we can get to the walls to install our super insulated metal panels that will transform the performance and look of the building. Next up is transforming the overgrown, disintegrating parking lot into one with drainage that will meet USGBC LEED standards. We know our customers and donors will also enjoy the ample amount of parking spaces and the easy access to the store.

Locust Log Landscaping Day Two

Loader 24 Landscaping Day Two

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2 Responses to Landscaping Day Two

  1. Andrea Gauvin says:

    What a great picture of the machinery! It’s amazing how quickly the parking lot has been transformed into…well, a parking lot!

    • Suresh says:

      Great information; howeevr, one thing wasn’t mentioned .When the perforated pipe is laid down I was told that the holes face DOWN, not up which is how most people would think it works. If that were true then a layer of stone should be placed under to pipe or the mud will clog up the perforations. If I’m mistaken, please post the correction. If the holes were face up you would have the water level above the pipe before it started to drain.

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